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China's Existing and Proposed Nuclear Plants

September 28th, 2009


Copenhagen’s winners and losers
By Ivor Ries
September 25, 2009


Speeches delivered by Barack Obama have made one thing abundantly clear. Some kind of worldwide agreement on carbon emissions will be reached in at the global climate summit in Copenhagen in December. Kevin Rudd has been equally direct: Australia will almost certainly fall in behind the US.

It’s enormously bullish for the producers of gas and uranium

Global Uranium Fund strong but Aussie &Global Shares weak

September 26th, 2009

Strange happenings in the Uranium markets. Marked drop in the Uranium spot price and also drops in both the Baker’s Group Global and Australian Share Indexes but the GLOBAL URANIUM FUND (NASDAQ:GURAF) seems to be very strong. To me this indicates a strong buying opportunity in several of the ASX listed Uranium plays.

For instance get a free market analysis of Bannerman Resources or Paladin Resources


Copenhagen’s winners = Australia's Gas and Uranium companies

September 25th, 2009

Uranium is mentioned in today’s Eureka Report Copenhagen’s winners and losers…


“Speeches delivered by Barack Obama have made one thing abundantly clear. Some kind of worldwide agreement on carbon emissions will be reached at the global climate summit in Copenhagen in December. Kevin Rudd has been equally direct: Australia will almost certainly fall in behind the US.”

“It’s enormously bullish for the producers of gas and uranium. It’s going to make life incredibly difficult for the fossil fuel guys, especially coal. It’s probably going to be the biggest turning point in the Australian energy market in 20 years.”

“The companies producing gas are in the box seat. In a low-carbon economy, gas is the fuel of choice.”

“Right behind the gas companies are the uranium players.”

The same edition has an excellent article on OIL supply and costs of new production: “Running on empty” by By Gerard Minack.

It seems that Australia the lucky energy country is going to be in the box seat.

For a bird’s eye view of the investment and other aspects:



Simple method for Australia to keep its resource ownership

September 11th, 2009

There is a simple method for Australia to keep its’ hold on our resources or at least some of them…

It is good to see this being explored again

Explorers need incentives, Roche

11 September 2009 | by Michael Mills

Queensland Resources Council (QRC) chief executive Michael Roche has called on the Federal Government to introduce tax incentives for junior minerals explorers, such as a flow through share (FTS) scheme.

Reports from Australian Bureau of Statistics indicate that mineral exploration activity in Queensland fell by 38% during the 2008-09 financial year.

Over the same period, greenfield exploration investments across the state collapsed 61% to just $16.5 million, the lowest quarterly total since the 2007 March quarter.

According to Roche, the global financial crisis has increased the shortfall in new exploration activity in Queensland.

“Exploration is essential if the governments are serious about replacing a number of world-class mining operations in Queensland that are nearing their end of their commercial lives,” he said in a statement.

“Analysts agree that the supply of new investment capital is not going to improve quickly, it is urgent that exploration is stimulated through the tax system.”

Under existing taxation arrangements, junior exploration companies with little or no taxable income are unable to deduct exploration expenses immediately.

The vast majority of junior explorers do not have an alternative income stream, so their costs are pushed higher.

This results in lower levels of activity and fewer substantive new discoveries and projects.

According to Roche, a FTS scheme would allow unusable corporate tax deductions to be transferred through to a junior company’s Australian shareholders

“Eligible shareholders would then be entitled to use ‘exploration tax credits’ to offset their tax liabilities, thereby maintaining investment momentum,” he said.

“This has been demonstrated successfully in Canada for more than a decade.

In May, the QRC and nine other resource sector bodies presented the Federal Government with an economic study forecasting that 4000 new exploration jobs would be created in Queensland and Western Australia if an FTS scheme was introduced.

The report provided strong evidence that a scheme would result in increased exploration expenditure by 10 to 30%.

“The Queensland Government’s election commitment to become the greenfield exploration capital of Australia by 2020 will stay under a cloud as long as this comparatively modest form of economic stimulus is kept under covers at the Federal Treasury,” Roche said.

How hungry is Paladin?

September 10th, 2009

PDN’s cashed up and the question is who are they going to buy…. I guess the punters think that it will be TOE/DYL. But I wonder if BMN isn’t the logical one that they could swallow cheaply and easily. But I also wouldn’t discount EXT as a target. EXT is well advanced and has a market cap of $2.288m and that could be within PDN’s range as a JV. If you don’t know about EXT have a read they have a huge amount of uranium. ~300m pounds.

But PDN must also get a bit uneasy when they look to their surrounds… hence BMN would be a snap at $252m and they also have a lot of uranium at nice grades…..

I reckon they could take DYL-TOE and BMN with one huge move that would make them the premier Uranium company by resource size. If they get a JV with EXT as well then game on for Australia.

BMN may have as much uranium as EXT at a slightly lower grade… time will tell