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AEE world's second cheapest "large" uranium (EV/Resource)

September 30th, 2011

Versant Partners recent analysis of companies with large Uranium resources confirms that Australia’s Aura Energy is the world’s second cheapest in terms of EV/Resource. TSX listed Continental Precious Minerals, Inc. (TSX: CZQ) takes first place and is also in Sweden. AEE was found to have an implied upside of over 30 times present value and CZQ has an implied value of 100 times. Australia’s next best was ERA at 6 times current value.

(It should be noted that AEE probably has a similar amount of uranium as CZQ but has yet to fully drill their resource to JORC status.)

The paper also provided some very interesting observations re future usage of uranium but for me the compelling detail is in the tables.

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