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Aura Energy (ASX: AEE) now world's second largest undeveloped uranium resource

August 22nd, 2012

Please note that this entry was posted in 2012. Since then AEE has markedly improved its benefaction and processing and its market cap is 1/4 of what it was. More info at

For quite some time now I have been banging the drum for ASX micro-cap AEE based on its EV:Resource ratio. Today’s ASX release confirms my expectations and the figure below shows why. See earlier posts re AEE


Drilling that has been used in this resource statement covers only 25% of Aura’s permit areas at Häggån. The majority of Aura’s permits in the district remain untested.

Market Cap = $22m placing AEE as one of the cheapest uranium plays in the world. Adding to this is AEE’s extensive and successful mineralogy with a rapid turnaround heap leach process.


Please note I have highlighted Aura Energy and Greenland Energy and Minerals. As you can see AEE has an enterprise value / resource ratio of 0.02 whereas  Greenland Energy and Minerals is  0.3.  What needs to be recognised here is that Greenland Energy and Minerals has the world’s largest rare earths resource in the same Kvanefjeld deposit. (Aura also has co-credits of Mo, V2O5, Zn)