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GGG targets production of 7,000 tonnes critical rare earths, 1.1m pounds U3O8 per annum

July 22nd, 2014

Kvanefjeld Feasibility Study

The Feasibility Study is evaluating a mine, concentrator and hydrometallurgical refinery in Greenland treating 3 million tonnes of ore per annum.

The concentrator will produce 230,000 tonnes per annum of a rare earth mineral concentrate which contains 14% REO and 0.25% U3O8.

Refining of this mineral concentrate is expected to produce 7,000 tonnes per annum of critical rare earths (Pr, Nd, Eu, Dy, Tb, Y) 16,000 tonnes per annum of light rare earths (mostly Ce & La) and 1.1 million pounds per annum of U3O8.

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Nuclear Reactor Plants construction increasing rapidly

July 16th, 2014

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 Nuclear construction market analysis that has given me a valuable overview of coming nuclear industry trends.

With 73 reactors under construction, 172 planned and 309 proposed, the nuclear new build market
represents trillions of dollars’ worth of investment worldwide over the next 15+ years.

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  • Insight into new PWR, LWR and advanced reactor designs and their licensing status in the US to keep you up-to-date with NRC design certification progress


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