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ASX Uraniums lifting off over last 3 months

September 6th, 2014

Quite a lot in the press about the resurgence of interest in uranium as a power source with lots of articles citing new reactor builds and restarts coming over the next few years. Pleasingly my top pick of the ASX listed uranium plays, based on it having the world’s cheapest uranium in the ground (EV/Resources) with two, very large, low cost to mine, off-shore, resources in two uranium friendly provinces with one ready to go is leading the pack.

We tracked this company via a social media analysis tool ( prior to engaging with it and then used the data to invest. A newish way of doing things but in reality a subtler and earlier way of measuring “sentiment”.

Social media pays off for uranium investing trial

We will now run Dialogix across the various sectors (energy, copper, PMs, phosphate-potash, etc.) that seem to be coming into play and then drill down to the individual companies and invest accordingly.

Queensland opens the door to the global rare earth and uranium mining industry

September 1st, 2014

The State of Queensland in Australia has opened the door to the global rare earth and uranium mining industry for the right to explore for significant quantities of easily accessible light rare earth elements Lanthanum, Cerium and Neodymium.

A competitive tender process is now open for exploration at the former Mary Kathleen mine site, in the resource rich North West Queensland Mineral Province. When the mine was operational, it contained deposits of both uranium and rare earth elements, however only the uranium was extracted.

The Queensland Minister for Mines, Andrew Cripps has released a short video inviting the mining industry to Queensland.

Please see the attached media release for more information.

View the Minister’s video here:

Download the Minister’s video here:

Tender website: