G8 going nuclear


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The chairman of the up-coming G8 meeting, Japanese Prime Minister, Yasuo Fukuda, has informed the Annual Conference of the Japan Atomic Industry Forum, that he will give special attention to nuclear power.

Yasuo Fukuda told the audience that:

“I think that such a movement, which is called the ‘nuclear renaissance’, is proof that our country’s unwavering strategy to promote nuclear energy has been the right one. I, as the prime minister of Japan, will support your work and I will keep doing my best to promote nuclear power that is safe and steady. It is critical for us to strengthen the utilization of nuclear energy as a major source of power, along with our efforts for energy conservation and to develop renewable energy,”

And it gets better, as he goes on to say that he will be giving special attention to the importance of nuclear energy in our fight against global warming. It comes as a pleasant relief that the Japanese Prime Minister sees the environmental benefits of utilising nuclear power as oppose to coal fired power stations, for instance.

It will be interesting to see what Italy and Germany have to say, as they are still not pro nuclear power. However, both countries buy electricity for France so they are gaining a benefit from nuclear energy, although indirectly. Just maybe they will see the light and give some consideration to their own future energy requirements.

Should make for interesting reading as the situation unfolds.

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