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Oz locked in for 30 years to supply USA with uranium

February 21st, 2011

Interesting article entitled: “Treaties Committee Report on Australia US uranium exports”

The US is our largest uranium customer and one of the reasons for that is that peak uranium in the US occurred some time ago. The United States had extensive uranium mining, caused an extraordinary amount of harm, particularly in the south-west, and worked out many of their deposits, and now they are our largest uranium customer. The agreement that has just gone through the Joint Standing Committee on Treaties which we are discussing tonight locks us into a 30-year treaty arrangement with the United States on these exports.”

(Personally I would rather that this treaty had NOT been signed… The USA seems to be a financial cot case and Australia’s long term interests may not have been well served in this instance… I think that Rudd is an ever present danger… his recent guarantee of Rare Earth Elements supplies to Japan shows that he is more than capable of over-reaching )

Extract and RIO to joint venture to develop EXT's giant deposit

February 21st, 2011

The announcement of the EXT – RIO tie up to develop what will become one of the world’s largest uranium mines comes as a great relief to me. I admit to being worried that EXT would be forced to either sell the deposit/project or take on an overseas partner and that we would lose them from our Australian ASX.

As can be seen from the chart above this would have left a gaping hole in Australia’s uranium index and my portfolio. I am very fond of EXT and having been in it for a very long time (8 years) it has given me almost impossibly large profits….. The way forward now looks a lot clearer and I look forward to a massive revenue stream in the years to come.

I wonder which ASX listed Uranium play will be next to get “married”… My guess is Aura ASX: AEE represents such amazingly good value it will either do a JV or get swallowed…. If you have read through AEE’s announcements and the surrounding commentary you’d have to think that AEE’s current JORC and probable 1billion pounds of uranium would be mightily attractive…

Australian and Global share indexes updated

February 15th, 2011
  • Australian Uranium Share Index
    The ALTEX-Australia Uranium Index is Australia’s leading Uranium share price index. The Australian Uranium Index tracks the performance of all companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange that have a primary focus on the exploration and production of Uranium. Fact Sheet
  • Global Uranium Share Index
    The ALTEX-Global is the world’s leading Uranium share price index. The Global Uranium Index tracks the performance of the largest 25 publically listed companies by market capitalisation that have a primary focus on the exploration and production of Uranium. Fact Sheet
  • Extract gets "green" light for world's second largest uranium mine

    February 2nd, 2011

    Husab mine gets ‘green’ thumbs-up from Govt
    EXTRACT Resources has received Government’s environmental stamp of approval for its Husab uranium project, paving the way for the development of the fifth-largest uranium-only deposit in the world.

    The rate of production would rank the Husab mine as the second-largest uranium mine in the world, based on production.

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