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April 30th, 2012

Two ASX listed “Uranium” companies released their quarterly reports today. Both have good mineralogy and processing flow sheets.

BMN is a “pure” play Namibian Uranium explorer and GGG is a multi-metal Greenland Uranium, REE and Zinc explorer. Both have some similarities as they will be both able to produce large amounts of Uranium for many decades.

BMN: Proved and Probable Ore Reserves totaling 279.6 million tonnes at an average grade of 194ppm U3O8 for 119.3 Mlbs of contained U3O8; Market Cap AUD$60m (30/4/2012)

GGG: Project global resource base expanded to 861 Mt, containing 512 Mlbs U3O8, 340,000 t heavy REO, 750,000 t yttrium oxide, 4.4 Blbs zinc; Market Cap AUD$208m (30/4/2012)

Both have some country risk but an optimist would probably be comfortable with both. But it would seem that with GGG you get the world’s largest REE resource plus 4.4Blbs zinc for free.

And if you have no interest in REEs but would like the ASX’s largest uranium explorer, by resource, with a very low country risk and a minimalist market cap of AUD$22m then you’d probably like to have a very close look at AEE.

I hold GGG and AEE