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Greenland Energy and Minerals world’s largest undeveloped resource of rare earth elements and uranium

March 3rd, 2015

Pretty exciting update from ASX: GGG who now have:

The world’s largest undeveloped resource of rare earth elements and uranium (JORC‐code, 2012,  compliant), with huge upside with  (>1 Billion tonnes defined, <20% of project area evaluated)

A primary product stream of high‐purity critical rare earth concentrates (Nd, Pr, Eu, Dy, Tb, Y)

By‐production of  U3O8, lanthanum and cerium, zinc and fluorspar

By‐product revenue streams will see Kvanefjeld become the lowest‐cost producer of critical rare  earth’s globallyglobal-uranium-resources-2015-update

Read the full report (pdf download)