AURA ENERGY (ASX: AEE) up 26% on results


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Aura Energy Ltd has received the final assays for its major resource drilling programme in Mauritania.
• Encouraging results continue to confirm extensive nature of the calcrete uranium mineralisation within the Reguibat Project
• Excellent high grade intercepts received (drill hole locations Table 1), include:
• 10ASACI143: 4.5m @ 1076 ppm U3O8
• 10ASACW119: 6.0m @ 1356ppm U3O8
• 10ASACJ048: 3.0m @ 1303 ppm U3O8
• 10FEACA142: 4.0m @ 1409ppm U3O8
• Mineralisation starts at or close to the surface

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