Greenland Energy and Minerals express get green light for Uranium go-ahead


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This is what we the long term holders of GGG have been waiting for. The mining of GGG’s uranium will allow for its Rare Earth Elements to be mined at minus cost once the uranium credits have been booked.

This will allow GGG to mine the world’s largest, by far, rare earth element deposit. This is a major breakthrough and some expect GGG to absolutely soar. Follow this link to some earlier posts about GGG and its huge REE deposit.

Note that Greenland Energy and Minerals own the Kvanefjeld Resource on the left of the image below…
Note the ~300m lbs of uranium

Today’s announcement
• The Company would like to request a trading halt of its securities prior to the opening of market on Monday the 13th December. The company received over the weekend approval of the recent application to operate within the newly created terms and conditions with regard to radioactive materials (specifically Uranium)

• The Company is preparing a detailed announcement with respect to this landmark approval and expects to have this to market within the next two days

• The Company requests that the trading halt will be lifted on the earlier of the release of an announcement to the market or on the commencement of normal trading on Wednesday 15th December 2010

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