How hungry is Paladin?


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PDN’s cashed up and the question is who are they going to buy…. I guess the punters think that it will be TOE/DYL. But I wonder if BMN isn’t the logical one that they could swallow cheaply and easily. But I also wouldn’t discount EXT as a target. EXT is well advanced and has a market cap of $2.288m and that could be within PDN’s range as a JV. If you don’t know about EXT have a read they have a huge amount of uranium. ~300m pounds.

But PDN must also get a bit uneasy when they look to their surrounds… hence BMN would be a snap at $252m and they also have a lot of uranium at nice grades…..

I reckon they could take DYL-TOE and BMN with one huge move that would make them the premier Uranium company by resource size. If they get a JV with EXT as well then game on for Australia.

BMN may have as much uranium as EXT at a slightly lower grade… time will tell

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