Russians rejected by ASX listed Berkley -Uranium | AEE next target?


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Russian bid for Berkeley’s uranium may fall flat
Barry FitzGerald
December 31, 2010

RUSSIA’S efforts to lock in uranium reserves held by Australian-listed companies in overseas locations has hit a roadblock.

One of the Russian targets, Berkeley Resources, has decided it might be best to pursue financing alternatives for its Salamanca uranium project in Spain rather than negotiate an agreed bid with the Russian steelmaker Severstal.

Little known Aura Energy are sitting on a very large Uranium deposit in Sweden (Alum Shale of central Sweden).

There has been more activity in AEE recently… Makes me wonder if the Russians or someone else has spotted AEE’s uranium deposit that is most likely in the vicinity of one BILLION pounds contained U3O8 for a very small market cap of $42million.

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