Should Australia continue the Howard policy of selling uranium to Russia?


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Interestingly the calls for Julia Gillard’s head from the right seem to to have perhaps conveniently forgotten that it was the Howard Govt’s policy to sell uranium to Russia and Gillard has followed in his footsteps.

I wonder how the Indian govt. perceives this as the Rudd govt. saw fit to block sales to India on a rather flimsy pretext.

Hopefully India will not see it as an insult as India is one of our most lucrative emerging markets and good relations going forward over the next decades seems to be a foundation stone for our future wealth.

Obviously a great deal of heat will be generated on this issue…. But perhaps Canberra and some state governments could use the opportunity to explore how Russia is making a lot of money supplying Europe with a cradle to grave uranium solution.… something that Australia with > 40% of the world’s economically viable uranium resources should be doing now.

So apart from the politics, what about the practicality of sendingĀ  non value added uranium to another country so that they can make stellar profits?

Are we that rich?

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