Uranium Investors might be better of overseas


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I’ve pulled out of all the Australian uranium explorer plays that don’t have overseas projects. It isn’t that we don’t have great Australian uranium resources… it is about what is going to happen with our looming green senate.

The article below is a taste of what is to come:

Green group casts doubt over uranium plans

The Conservation Council of Western Australia says the Environmental Protection Authority must thoroughly scrutinise Toro Energy’s proposal to mine uranium in Wiluna.

Toro Energy yesterday submitted its plan and the authority will now assess whether it is environmentally viable.

The council’s Mia Pepper says three mining companies have made proposals to mine for uranium in Wiluna and the environment will be unable to cope.

“We’ve got in that area, within a 100 kilometre radius, with uranium mine proposals that all required upwards to 6.5 million litres of water a day, all of that adds up and we’re talking about a dry and arid area with very little amounts of water and very little recharge of those water sources,” she said.

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