Uranium spot prices rising: ‘pinch-point TM’ by early 2016


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The uranium market has been due for a comeback since the 2011 Fukushima disaster, and many experts are pointing to a supply deficit by 2020.

However, in a report last week, Salman Partners said it sees uranium spot prices rising a lot sooner. Raymond Goldie, senior mining analyst at the firm, said spot prices are expected to rise from now until 2018 as a deficit in uranium eats through inventories.

“We refer to the day when security of supply becomes of concern to producers as the ‘pinch-point TM.’ We expect to reach the ‘pinch-point TM’ by early 2016, by which time we expect utilities to feel compelled to begin signing long-term contracts in order to ease concerns about security of supply, with those concerns – and spot prices – peaking in Q1 2018,” Goldie states in the report. Read full article

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