Uranium watch shows the future is still nuclear


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The dangers of Nuclear power plants as mass killers seems to be a popular viewpoint at the moment but the facts actually point the other way… A recent article in the Australian Doctor reviewed the factual information following the Three Mile Island incident and states that it resulted in 1-2 deaths from released radiation within a 16km radius of the reactor.

Today’s article in the SMH is interesting in this context….

James Kirby
March 27, 2011

TWO weeks after the biggest nuclear crisis in a generation and a leading item on ABC radio news is that three workers have been taken to hospital in Japan for radiation treatment. Meanwhile, the toll from the Japanese earthquake and tsunami (killed or missing) is more than 27,000.

You might say that setting the radiation statistics at the still-dangerous Fukushima nuclear station against the wider disaster toll in Japan is meaningless … the story is far from over.

But what would be meaningful? Let’s pit the reported radiation casualties in Japan against other casualty lists in alternative forms of energy. For instance, the number killed in coal mines: in China alone, the official estimate of fatalities inside the national mining industry is more than 2000 a year.

Yes, the future of nuclear energy is under immediate review but a number of indicators suggest that the review may turn in a surprising direction. Read more

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